University Support & Campus Facilities

Practical Rooms

There are two machine rooms consisted of 50 computers per room in University of Computer Studies (Dawei). Internet access can be used with wire or wireless in the machine rooms. By using the University Learning Management System, the students can submit their homework and sit for the tutorials.

There is a physics practical room for first year students. Moreover, there are a Hardware lab, a Network lab and three language labs for each course. To make research, there is one Information Science lab.


The room at the edge of the frontage building of University of Computer Studies (Dawei) is the library. The prescribed textbooks for Computer Science and Technology, Reference Books, Thesis Books, Project Books, Old Questions, Literature Books for Knowledge and Emotion can be borrowed by using library card. There are five computers to read E-books at the library.


Not too much expensive food and some clean and fresh eatable can be bought at the University canteen.

Supporting for physical development

In University of Computer Studies (Dawei), football, volley ball, table tennis, badminton and other fun fairs in special days are celebrated. Students can use the free space which University assigned to practice their desired sports and games. Moreover, students can take part freely in sport committees and propose any desired sports.

Supporting for mental development

University of Computer Studies (Dawei) has arranged the competition such as writing essay, telling debate, competition for Myanmarsar skill and Hardware andSoftware application competitions according to the University level, Department level and National level.

Organizing Teams

University of Computer Studies (Dawei) has organized the teams like charity group for Supporting Education, Buddhism Team, Arts and Literature Team, Blood DonorsTeam and Red-cross Team according to the students’ interests.

Campus WiFi

Student Hostel