On 7th January, 2002, University of Computer Studies (Dawei) was opened in Education College Campus situated in Shan Ma Lei Swe’ Ward, Dawei. At the beginning time, Computer application course with 44 students and first year course with 3 students were opened. Since 2004, Computer University annually produces graduates. On 20th January 2007, Computer College was upgraded into University of Computer Studies (Dawei). In 2008, two graduates of Master of Information Science were produced from our University. In January, 2009, the University was moved to the current location. At present, the principal is Dr. Khin Aye Than (Ph.D.) IT, pro-rector.

Academic System & Major Subjects

Our University introduces the credit system from the first year course of the academic year 2018-2019.

In the academic year 2018-2019, the two main subjects, Computer Science and Computer Technology, are taught at the University of Computer Studies (Dawei).


Our University is now negotiating with Dawei University, Technological University (Dawei) and Educational College (Dawei) in Tanintharyi Region to cooperate the teaching- learning system, activities for multi– development and conducting researches. 

The University Campus

The University of Computer Studies (Dawei) is situated at the airport road in Nyaung Yan Taung Quarter. It is (16.64) acres wide. The Rector office is at the frontage. The three–storied building is now being constructed just west of the Rector office. There are many existing buildings such as five single– storey learning hubs, two administration offices, two practical rooms and three hostels for teachers.

In 2018-2019 financial year, a hostel for male- students and a hostel for females are being built and they are planned to use during 2019-2020. Cars and motorcycles of teaching staff, students and other staff are systematically arranged to park in the parking space. The canteen is at the back of the teaching- learning buildings.

Types of Offer Degree & Number of Graduates