University of Computer Studies (Dawei) intends to stand as a university where students can have a life-long learning system and can have a chance to sharpen their knowledge and abilities. This can lead to upgrade human resource for the development of science and technology sector.

All teachers and staff in the University of Computer Studies (Dawei) are enthusiastic to help the development of the attitude, discipline and wisdom of the students. We, the teachers, urge all our students to try to become skilful persons to build our future country.

University of Computer Studies (Dawei) is trying to produce well-qualified computer technicians to support the development of region. It is also trying to upgrade not only the qualities but also the quantities.

Missions of University of Computer Studies (Dawei) are as follow:

  • To develop Information and Communication Technology for reducing the gaps between nations with the regard of the Millennium Vision of the United Nations and to perform getting chances of learning information and technology in their respective regions.
  • To implement for developing education system regarding with the learning of changes of international universities.
  • To implement computer graduate system, upgrade and change curriculums and courses according to the changes of technology.
  • To raise the researches which can be used directly for the region.

University of Computer Studies (Dawei) offers the following degrees in Information Technology.